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We design, manufacture, and deliver all the components for your automated solution; including the sensor, software, mounting hardware, installation labor, and support.


Our non-contact sensors use a high resolution camera and various laser colors to achieve reliable measurement on bare and painted metal, chrome, translucent materials, carbon fiber, and other materials at full production speed. With it’s IP67 rating (dust tight, immune to temporary water immersion), the rugged sensor housing offers protection against the adverse conditions of an industrial production line, such as weld splatter, dirt, oil, etc. All sensors are also calibrated and rectified at Perceptron’s headquarters and ship ready to measure.

New to the sensing family is the AccuSite™ Optical Tracking option for robotic measurement. AccuSite turns the robot into a simple mover and eliminates all temperature and mechanical drift influence from the measurement results. Available on one or multiple robots, AccuSite is the ideal option when you need CMM level accuracy on the plant floor.

Perceptron’s latest family of accurate 3D scanning sensors providing complete dimensional measurement control.


Perceptron’s Helix-solo family of contour and surface sensors are a cost-effective option for single feature measurements.


Perceptron’s cutting edge V7 laser scanner is a cost-effective solution for scanning with a CMM.


Perceptron’s AccuSite optical tracking system brings CMM level measurement accuracy to the plant floor.


Perceptron’s wheel alignment sensor is proven and robust with many sensors still performing after 20 years of use.

Industry Leading Software

Vector software is the backbone of Perceptron’s automated measurement solutions. Common to AutoGauge, AutoGuide, and AutoFit, Vector provides consistent measurement techniques and a complete suite of user-centric software solutions across all applications. Vector takes the sensor scan data, runs a pre-determined algorithm, and displays the results to the operator within seconds. If a measurement falls outside the set limits, multiple notification methods are available to alert the operator. All measurement results are also stored in a database for future data analysis.

The following software add-ons are also available to reduce setup time or perform advance data analysis.

Automated Path Generation

Our Automated Path Generation (APG) module is a virtual setup of your measurement system that performs the robot programming, collision avoidance, and teaches the measurement plan for you. Ideal for off-line setup and on-site changes. You define the rules, constraints, goals, measurement plan, and APG will do the rest.

Automated Path Generation Software Screenshot

Argus is designed for anyone responsible for achieving and maintaining a stable process. It is constantly reviewing the data and looking for suspicious patterns. Once a potential problem is identified, Argus’ visualization tools display 3D multi-dimensional variation in a CAD environment, significantly decreasing the effort required to interpret complex process problems. Argus turns your production data into actionable information.

Advanced Analytics with Argus Software

Our Team Makes a Difference

Perceptron has installation and support locations in 12 countries to offer global solutions, supported locally. Our knowledgeable team of project engineers, project managers, and customer support representatives are available to maximize your return on investment when you select Perceptron.

Our commitment to you does not end with a successful system install. By tailoring our educational and training programs to meet your specific needs, Perceptron can help you take advantage of the most powerful process control tools in the industry.