TouchDMIS mission “make coordinate metrology simple”

CMM software packages have been criticized for being too complex, requiring long training periods, and extended learning curves. The software team at Perceptron has dedicated themselves to simplifying the CMM measurement process by combining an intuitive touch interface and an easy-to-learn eight Function Button workflow within TouchDMIS.

This combination allows for an unparalleled user experience and an increase in CMM productivity.

Intelligent Workflow

TouchDMIS Load CAD software screenshot
TouchDMIS reporting screenshot

1. Import CAD

STEP and IGES file formats are supported as standard and native geometry within TouchDMIS. All major CAD systems can also be imported, as an option.

2. Define Alignment

The full range of coordinate system alignment options is available, including RPS and traditional 3-2-1 alignments.

3. Program Measurement Plan

The part program is displayed as colored icon program blocks. Each block is defined by a Feature Icon, Action Icon, Feature Label and Statement.

4. Perform Measurement

Launch the measurement process and follow it on the graphical display. Feature status is indicated immediately. For toleranced features, TouchDMIS displays actual vs. tolerance results.

5. Create Reports

TouchDMIS offers a choice of Inspection Reports for real-time reporting. XML, Excel, TXT and PDF exportable output provides flexible reporting.

Why TouchDMIS?

Fully Supports PH20

TouchDMIS supports the Renishaw PH20  5-axis touch trigger system.

The PH20 combines infinite positioning capability with a full range of TP20 probe modules and extensions to:

  • Reduce program cycle time
  • Increase feature access
  • Reduce the number of stylus changes needed
  • Increase CMM volume by reducing space required for head rotations

Analog Scanning

TouchDMIS supports Analog Scanning using the SP25 or SP80 using UCC Server on Renishaw controllers equipped with scanning capability.

TouchDMIS supports scanning on CAD Slices, plus known and unknown curves.

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning made easy with TouchDMIS and the all new Perceptron V7 laser scanner.

Scanning can be done automatically by program or manually with a joystick.

Surface Scanning:

  • Manually
  • Line scanning
  • Area scanning
  • Contour scanning
  • Scanning on CAD

Feature Scanning:

  • Individually
  • Point cloud extraction

Probe Manager

The highly intuitive, easy to use “Touch Probe Manager” brings configuration and calibration of your probing to the tips of your fingers.

Touch DMIS supports:

  • *SP25
  • *SP80
  • *PH20

* UCC Server Support Required

  • TP20
  • TP200
  • TP2
  • TP6
TouchDMIS CMM Software Probe Manager Screenshot

Want to know more about TouchDMIS?

Contact us and we will schedule a demonstration.