Coord3 measuring machines are used by small, medium and large companies all over the world to certify and improve the quality of their products.

Our CMMs are compatible with a wide variety of measurement software. TouchDMIS is our main software, equipped with a simple 100% touch interface that includes the rapid programming module TouchCAD. The TouchDMIS ™ also supports both touch and laser scanning probes, thus expanding your metrology kit only by means of a single software package.

Coord3 boasts a range of measuring machines that includes over 35 automatic and manual models, from the economic CMM counter, for inspection of small parts, to some of the largest CMM Gantry ever produced. Coord3 CMMs are active in the aerospace, defense and heavy industry sectors.

Complete CMM Portfolio
Bridge CMMs

The Bridge CMM style is ideal for reduced volumes, guaranteeing an excellent cost / performance ratio.

Gantry CMMs

The pillar architecture minimizes inertial errors and structural deformation for large part measurement.

Horizontal Arm CMMs

Measuring machines with horizontal arms are perfect for measuring components such as automotive bodies, panels, dashboards, and castings.

V7 Laser Scanner

The V7 CMM laser scanner is built using cutting edge technology at a cost-effective price.

Metrology Software

TouchDMIS makes CMM measurement simple by incorporating a 100% touch interface and short learning curve.

Portable CMMs

PCMM are the ideal solution for portable measurement on the shop-floor.

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