Fuel economy and safety standards have put tremendous pressure on automakers to produce lighter, more durable and more fuel-efficient vehicles. To make it happen, manufacturers have turned to lighter-weight metals and specialty plastics – materials that join together with advanced structural adhesives rather than welding and fasteners. This makes accurate adhesive and sealant dispensing an absolute must to prevent leaks and corrosion, and maintain overall product quality and performance.

Over the past few years, Coherix has revolutionized adhesive and sealant dispensing process control with their Predator3D™ machine vision solutions used for improved process control. Perceptron is a proud partner of Coherix to offer global automakers and dispensing equipment manufacturers an innovative, tailored solutions that improves their quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

Bead Inspection solution

One and Done

Single-pass 3D bead profile inspection is accomplished using four high-speed laser sensors surrounding the dispensing nozzle to track and inspect the bead in any direction without blind corner. Acquiring and processing  1,600 samples per second, Predator3D bead inspection has industry-leading acquisition speed avoiding production slow downs.

Easy to Integrate

Predator3D mounts around the dispenser nozzle. It communicates easily with whatever protocol your dispenser or robot uses. Predator3D does not add complexity to robot programming. There are no time-consuming setup changes required for robot speed changes commonly necessary on other systems.

Coherix Bead Inspection Solution
Predator3D Bead Inspection 3D Scan Lines

Proven Technology

Predator3D bead inspection leverages Coherix Shark™ 3D high-speed imaging and processing platform which has proven reliability inspecting billions of customer parts to date. Predator3D has been widely deployed inspecting powertrain RTV bead, body shop structural adhesive and sealant bead and final assembly urethane glass bead around the world.

Rugged Design

With no moving parts, the Predator3D sensor is built with a solid aluminum frame to withstand impacts and IP65 sealed housing that protects it from typical spills and cleanup. Predator3D bead inspection is the online system that stays online.

Predator3D rugged IP65 design for bead inspection

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