Perceptron’s Automated Metrology solution enables you to contain, correct, verify and control manufacturing quality immediately — 100% of the time — at full production speed, without touching the part.

High-volume, complex manufacturing processes can change quickly and unexpectedly. If a punch breaks, a welding robot malfunctions, damaged parts are received or a tooling pin wears, and your measurement system doesn’t provide 100%, real-time data, how can you be sure you’re still building quality products?

In addition to containing problems when they occur, accumulating data on every part provides a host of other valuable process management benefits. With 100% of the data at your fingertips, you can detect and monitor production trends before they hit the crisis stage, as well as troubleshoot and repair complex process problems; improving the overall quality.

Why Perceptron Automated Metrology?

100% Measurement is Key

By measuring each and every part you manufacture, you not only gain vital data on individual products – you also gain critical information about your manufacturing process. Certain data patterns only become apparent through 100% measurement.

GD&T and SPC Reporting

Today's complex production strategies require the most powerful data and analysis tools available. Run SPC reports and validate to your design intent with built-in GD&T tools.

Central Server Capability

Perceptron’s central server option allows you to implement a truly distributed gauging solution. It enables backup, restore and push software upgrades from a single point and cross-station feedback loops. It also provides complete plant monitoring from factory-hardened and fully-supported hardware and software platform.

Flexible Hardware Configurations

Perceptron’s extensive sensor and controller options allow us to easily engineer a solution that’s suited to your budget and processes. From turnkey to a standalone station, we can customize something for you.

Simple, Intuitive Display of Results

AutoGauge quickly and effectively informs operators when a feature exceeds its spec. limit via text, email, stack light or stopping the line.

Comprehensive Algorithms

We’ve developed the industry’s best suite of algorithms, capable of reliably measuring the most demanding features — threaded studs, holes, glass edges, painted surfaces and many more — in a manufacturing environment.

CMM Accuracy on the Plant Floor

If you need higher accuracy for your application, Perceptron’s AccuSite™ Optical Tracking option is your answer. AccuSite complements your system and turns the robot into a simple mover by eliminating all of the robot’s mechanical drift and temperature influence from the measurement results. Automated Metrology with AccuSite is the most accurate robotic measurement solution available for the factory floor.

Perceptron AutoGaugeACF Automated Checking Fixture Solution CAD
Perceptron visualization screen for automated metrology

Save Time

Eliminate time-consuming CMM correlation and measure your parts on the manufacturing floor.

Measure More

High throughput suitable for in-line and near-line with real-time results; no time-consuming data processing.


AccuSite can be mounted in multiple configurations and ships pre-configured to ensure optimal part coverage.
Thousands of Installations

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