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Perceptron is a leading global provider of 3D automated measurement solutions and coordinate measuring machines with 38 years of experience. Manufacturers around the world rely on Perceptron to achieve best-in-class quality, reduce scrap, minimize re-work, and increase productivity.

From 100% in-line to CMM sampling, Perceptron has a measurement solution for you.

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Measure Where you Manufacture
Automated Metrology Solutions
Automated Metrology
Non-contact measurement solutions provide real-time part and process information on the plant floor so you can find and solve problems immediately.
Automated Check Fixture
Accurate, 100% measurement turnkey solution to replace all of your dedicated checking fixtures. Small footprint with ultimate flexibility.
Gap and Flush Measurment
Improve your productivity by automating the quality check of mating parts. Bare metal, painted metal, chrome, glass - we can measure it and tell you where to adjust.
3D Bead Inspection
Laser-based solution installed directly on dispensing nozzles to provide real-time inspection of the adhesive and sealant dispensing process.
Automate Your Assembly Process
Robot Guidance Solutions
Robot Guidance
Real-time adaptive feedback solution ensuring mission-critical robotic operations are automatically corrected for process and product variations.
Complete CMM Package
Coordinate Measuring Machines
Coord3 Coordinate Measuring Machines range from a budget bench-top CMM to some of the largest Gantry CMMs ever produced.
CMM Laser Scanner
The V7 scanner offers high quality scanning at an affordable price to maximize the use of your Coord3 coordinate measuring machine.
CMM Software
TouchDMIS simplifies the CMM measurement process by combining an intuitive interface and an easy-to-learn eight Function Button workflow.
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