Customer Case Study
100% Data Takes the Guess Work out of Troubleshooting

When things go wrong, do you have the data to make informed decisions? What does production do while you're trying to figure it all out? Learn how an Automotive OEM used 100% data to guide their productivity.

    Perceptron Automotive Door Measurement Solution
    Customer Case Study
    Automotive OEM Prevents $978k of Rework with In-Line Metrology

    Learn how an Automotive OEM used Perceptron's robotic in-line measurement solution to identify tooling problems on their plant floor, preventing rework and improving build quality.

      Customer Case Study
      Automotive OEM Saves $84k with Perceptron - In One Event!

      Learn how an Automotive OEM found missing welds using Perceptron’s in-line metrology solution. There are thousands of welds on an automotive body and each one is critical to the structural integrity of the vehicle. When spot welds are missing, it often results in process variation.

        Perceptron's In-Line Metrology System Detects Missing Welds
        Perceptron in-line solution detects tooling problems on automotive underbody
        Customer Case Study
        See More with 100% Measurement

        Perceptron's in-line metrology solution makes it easy to identify complex variation patterns and reduce the time to root cause. Learn how an Automotive OEM used Perceptron’s 100% measurement solution to identify weld tip wear on their underbody build process.

          Customer Case Study
          Clear View of Bi-Modal Process

          See how Perceptron’s in-line metrology solution puts bi-modal process in clear view with 100% data for Automotive OEM.

            Perceptron's In-Line Solution detects bi-modal process
            Customer Case Study
            Visualize Variation Pattern

            An Automotive OEM had Perceptron's Argus software installed on their AutoGauge 100% automated metrology system. Argus notified the operator when a set of inspection points were out of tolerance and automatically generated a 3D CAD animation of the variation for the operator to visualize the part movement and direct the operator to fix the associated tooling.

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